Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Year Ago Tomorrow

Yikes, can it really be true that a YEAR ago tomorrow was the last time that I wrote a blog post? How did life get so utterly busy? And how in the world have I not had anything to write about?

Oh wait, I have had too much going on to be able to write about any of it! So here is the last year in a bulleted list...the "CliffsNotes" version anyway:

  • My parents were able to sell their house in NH over the summer and purchase a gorgeous new home in Castle Rock, Colorado.
  • Andy and I attended the wedding of my dear, childhood friend Julia and her "new" husband Dave (I say new because it was almost a year ago). It was such a beautiful day and we were all invited to camp out in the field after the wedding...so fun!
  • I attended my first canoe trip down the Saco River! I even talked myself into jumping from a rope swing hanging from a tree, but quickly realized that was a mistake when I injured my ear drum entering the water...oops! I think I'll skip that part of the adventure when we return this year.
  • My parents flew home to join us for a Thanksgiving feast at Auntie Lynn and Uncle Paul's house. Mom is demanding that if they return again for the holiday this year, I have to get the stuffing from Uncle Paul. Not just his recipe, but he has to actually make the stuffing for me to serve. YES, it's THAT good!
  • Andy and I were able to celebrate Christmas with my family in Colorado. So much fun seeing my sister's kids open presents at my parent's house on Christmas morning...and staying in PJs with my two oldest nieces all day!
  • Another AMAZING vacation was taken over February vacation as we got to visit Maui, Hawaii for the second time. Thank you again Lexi and Steven for hosting us for the week! It was just as special as the first visit for us and we look forward to many more. Especially because we got voluntarily bumped from our return flight and have some lovely vouchers to use over the next year.
  • And in March, the biggest news of all...
Andy and I went under contract on our NEW HOME!!! 

We were able to close in just over three weeks and we moved in April over Easter weekend...cold, drizzly rain and all. But, as a warm ray of sunshine in our day, it just so happened to be the same day that my newest niece, Liv, joined the world. Can't wait until I can finally meet this little bundle of joy in person. 

Soooo, as you can tell, I need to update my blog more often. Clearly, more detailed stories and images from each of the previously bulleted items would have been more entertaining, buy hey...baby steps!

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Anonymous said...

good to see that you have returned to blog land Stacey. A very busy year and congrats on getting the house and on the arrival of your latest niece. EJ