Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Collecting Memories

I had the pleasure of catching up with a friend from college over the 4th of July weekend. We hadn't seen each other in almost eight years if not MORE since she had moved out to the midwest after college! Even though she's moved back East now, we are still separated by a 3+ hour drive, so you can imagine why it's taken us this long to catch up. She was still the same wonderful Holly...but with the awesome addition of two wonderful children with her husband Jon!

Andy and I were able to join them at Hampton for a morning brunch before heading down to the ocean for a walk along the beach. One of my favorite things about walking along the beach with kids is that their eyes are so open and aware to all the beautiful and unique shells and treasures around them. Right away, Holly's daughter found some little shell pieces and handed them to me saying "hang onto these!" I chuckle when typing this because I discovered these same "treasures" while emptying my shorts pockets before loading them in the washing machine this weekend and it brought back not only the great memories of that day together, but also brought me back to the year when I lived with four other girls in my Junior year of college. It's funny how we all change and grow (and sadly grow apart for YEARS). But it always amazes me how easily you can fall right back into those familiar friendships and feel like they were never even gone from your life! I hope they stay more frequent visitors in my life now that we've reconnected.

And on the note of longtime friends who will always be close in my heart no matter what the distance...my friend Jenn is hosting an amazing blog this month! She inspired her friends to play along with her beachy/ocean theme for the month and requested that we each submit a project to her July blog. AND to make this project even more amazing, she turned the items collected into a bidding opportunity for a dear friend and a GREAT CAUSE! My contribution and donation was inspired by my "beach treasure" that Holly's daughter shared with me. It reminded me that everyone needs a beach treasure pail to gather their goodies in!

And NO treasure is complete without a pirate to share it with!!! So I added in this little card I had in my box of oldies but goodies:

So, my share day isn't until July 14th, but I'll be away on a trip for work (maybe even enjoying the ocean a little since I'll be in sunny San Diego!). Miss Jenn agreed to link to my blog posting then, so consider yourself special that you got a sneak peek.

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Jill Grace said...

Very fun pail :) THis would be great for a pary